D. I. Y.  System - Specifications                



Neat and tidy cabling




Slim Micro Tower Case


Pentium 4 System 533 FSB

Via Rama Grand Motherboard

Desk Top or Slim Micro Tower Case

Intel Pentium 4

1.7 GHz Celeron 128KB Cache

Savage4 integrated 3D SVGA

On board LAN 10/100 RJ45 port

On board sound AC'97

6 USB 2.0 Ports available on board

Serial/Parallel Ports

Game port/IRDA connector on board

3 PCI/1 AGP expansion slots

52x CDROM optional 48x24x48 CDRW

256 MB SDRAM optional DDR RAM

  expandable to 2GB

20 GB ATA133 Hard Disk

Assembled and tested


Desk Top Case

Terms and Conditions

1.  Prices subject to confirmation at time of order

2.  Systems ordered are normally ready for delivery in 2 working days,

     subject to prior sales.  Quantity orders will require longer lead time.

3.  Payment to be made in full at the time of order.

4.  Warranty 1 year carry in for parts and service. 

5.  On site and extended warranty available as optional extra cost.

6.  Warranty repairs do not normally exceed 24 hours on work days,

     subject to manufacturers' warranty and availability of spares.

Price: Cash and carry S$    


Desktop  505.00

  Slim Micro Tower  565.00               
  Full Tower with air     590.00      


   filter and extra                  
   cooling fans                 
Options   Add on                Add on  


Mother Board    
Intel CPU P4 1.8A   160.00        Asus P4PE 478 pins 138.00  
  P4 2.0A  195.00          P4S8X (firewire) 158.00  
  P4 2.4B  240.00      


  P4 2.8B  530.00               
Memory         VGA Card    
Kingston 512 MB SDRAM    70.00       GeForce 64MB  MX440 / TV 90.00    
  256 MB DDR RAM    50.00         128MB  MX440 / TV 135.00    
  512 MB DDR RAM  170.00                
CD/CDRW Sony 48x24x48    60.00                
  Sony DVD ROM  35.00                
Hard Disk Maxtor 40 GB  45.00       ALTEC  ACS220 50.00    
  Maxtor 80 GB   85.00         Lansing  ACS221 95.00    
  Maxtor 120 GB 160.00          ACS320 155.00    
Keyboard Compaq   35.00                
/ Mouse Microsoft    47.00                
  Logitech    45.00                
  Logitech wireless RF  120.00                
Monitor 17" Philips SVGA  203.00                
  15" Philips LCD  479.00                
  17" Philips LCD  935.00                
OS Windows 98 178.00       Warranty Next day 1 year on site  100.00    
  Windows 2000 Pro 260.00         Next day 3 year on site  150.00    
  Windows XP Home  169.00         24x7- 1 year on site  300.00    
  Windows XP Pro 260.00         24x7- 3 year on site  450.00    
Delivery Delivery and setup   50.00                
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Prices in SGD and subject to change without notice

Jan 2003


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